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Homeschool Cooking Classes Teens 13+
Tuesdays 11am-1pm
Fall Semester Classes Begin August 13, 2024

Need a culinary arts and life skills component for your homeschool curriculum?  We've done the work for you. Our monthly themed series of classes offer mindful, purposeful and cumulative learning opportunities for your students.  Each homeschool cooking class series is created to teach the essential culinary and life skill concepts all students need to learn for future independent living.  Of course, learning to cook also hones skills in math, science, reading, comprehension, and cultural history.  Classes are taught by Culinary & Life Skills Coach, Mary Aragon - who also happens to be an eleven year veteran homeschool mom.  Classes are small, hands-on with only six students per class to allow for optimal learning and individualized attention.  Each class students will learn and complete a recipe. The recipe reinforces and builds upon the culinary concepts they are learning.  Bonus: this class is during the lunch hour so students will sit and eat together giving yet another opportunity for honing valuable skills in communication.  Finally, students will clean up as a group.  Yet another valuable life skill.  Registration opens one month prior to each semester.  Fall registration with full menus opens July 13th, 2024. See general class information here.

August 13-27, 2024  A Bunch of Super FUNdamentals 3-Class Series

Who said basics can’t be fun? This class is full of fun and basics.  We will cover everyday tools, utensils and their uses, basic knife skills, kitchen safety 101, staple ingredients and their uses, sprinkle in some food storage how-to,  everything you need to know to navigate the kitchen all while incorporating what we learn into some outstanding recipes! 

COST: $159 for 3 consecutive, weekly classes. Sibling discounts available.

September 3-24 All About Appliances 4-Class Series

This month we will learn about all those large and small appliances that pack a powerful punch of usefulness.  We will cover their basic uses, how-to, and safety.  Students will learn nifty tips which will give them confidence to thrive in any kitchen.  We will experiment with basic components that can be built upon as students grow and learn.  Each week we will create a variety of small plate recipes on the various appliances which are perfect for sharing. 

COST: $212 for 4 consecutive, weekly classes. Sibling discounts available. 

October 1-22, 2024 Cool Cultural Cuisines 4-Class Series

Get your passports ready!  We will travel to a different country each week to explore the people, their food customs in the month of October, and local flavors of favorite cuisines.  Costa Rica, Mexico, France, and Italy are textures and flavors to be experienced this month. 

COST: $212 for 4 consecutive, weekly classes. Sibling discounts available. 

November 5 - 19 Fabulous Fall Flavors 3-Class Series

This month we will focus on learning about colorful fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices of the Fall season.  We will explore tastes, textures, their uses, and how they complement a variety of cuisines. Picky eaters beware; the recipes this month are sneaky and delicious.  By the end of the month participants will be crazy about getting five servings of fruits and vegetables each day! 

COST: $159 for 3 consecutive, weekly classes. Sibling discounts available. 

December 3-17:  Festive Holiday Fun

This month we will offer one-off weekly classes with a festive, holiday theme.  Themes, menus, and registration will be posted and open on November 2, 2024.

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