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General Cooking Class Information 

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WHAT/WHO?   Each of our cooking classes and homeschool cooking classes offer participants individualized attention in a cozy home environment from a professional and caring Culinary and Life Skills coach.  Our cooking classes are for a variety of ages starting with middle/high school teens 13+, young adults, and adults too!  We are completely hands-on.  All participants learn about weights, measures, ingredients and their uses, how to interpret and follow a recipe, use a full range of utensils and tools, cooking skills, knife skills, table setting, kitchen safety 101, small appliances, ovens, electric and gas cook tops, and much more.  

HOW?  Participants learn culinary and organizational life skills essential for navigating the kitchen and for future independent living.  Each cooking class and/or workshop has a specific theme with intentional concepts and skills.  The curriculum is mindfully and purposefully designed for learning in the home kitchen. Our teaching method is based in positive terms, praise and encouragement.  We express what participants need to do rather than focusing on what not to do.  Because curriculum is hands-on our class size is limited to four-six students/session. 

WHERE?  Camp Cook Kitchen 


1.  All of our cooking classes are small, hands-on, and limited to minimum of four and maximum of six participants. 

2.  No previous kitchen or cooking experience needed.  All skill levels welcome. 

3.  Participants prepare recipes start-to-finish.  In other words, prep to cleanup. 

4.  We often work in small groups and share recipes that make a very large portion size, such as baking.

5.  Participants eat, share, and bring home prepared recipes.  Depending on cooking class type, participants will sit and eat a prepared meal together. 

6.  Participants must be at least 13+ to participate and register. 

7.  Cell phones are not allowed in the preparation or kitchen area during class time.  There's a designated cell phone spot. Participants are able to take pictures after recipes are plated. 

8. Closed toe shoes required of all participants. No sandals, or flip flops.  Participants have aprons to use during class. 

9.  We provide water and lemonade during our cooking classes. 

10.  We use seasonally fresh, organic ingredients, shopped local as much as possible.  We also limit our use of highly processed ingredients. We strive to be sustainable; any to-go packaging we use is recyclable and biodegradable.

11.  We are able to modify most of our recipes to gluten free/dairy free.  We must know this at the time of registration in order to accommodate. 

Coming Fall 2024

Homeschool Fall Semester Cooking Classes Tuesdays 11am-1pm Begins August 13, 2024

Middle/High School 7th-12th After School Cooking Classes

Tuesdays, 4-6pm Begins August 20, 2024

Adult DateNight Cooking Classes

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