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Welcome to Camp Cook!

Hello, I'm Mary Aragon, owner, founder, and your Culinary & Life Skills Coach.  Welcome to my kitchen located in Cypress, TX!  I am a small business owner with a BIG passion for food, cooking, and teaching.  LEARN CAMP COOK'S HISTORY HERE. I am delighted you dropped by for a visit.  You must have an interest in cooking.  I'd love the opportunity to share a BIG cooking adventure with you, your family, school, or organization. Read on to learn about Camp Cook.  

What do we do?

Our mission is to teach people to CONNECT and THRIVE in the kitchen.  We teach with curriculum mindfully and purposely designed for learning in the home environment.  Students learn culinary and organizational life skills essential for navigating the kitchen and future independent living.  We offer a wide variety of cooking classes for teens, young adults, adults, and neurodiverse individuals. We also do private cooking classes, or an adjunct cooking class for your school or organization - called Adventures-to-Go.­         

Who do we serve?



Neurodiverse Teens/Young Adults 13-22

Neurodiverse Post High School Adults 18+

Middle/High School Teens 13+

Homeschool/Homeschool Groups Teens 13+


Private Schools, Camps, Organizations

Our offerings include: 

Neurodiverse Teens 13-22 After School Classes - Fall 2024

After School Teens Fall Semester Classes - Fall 2024

Adults DateNight Cooking - Fall 2024

There's power in the kitchen! 

The kitchen is a powerful and sacred place. Not only do we nurture our most basic needs via the kitchen, but we also have tremendous opportunity to connect and build strong relationships. Through the process of cooking, we hone our creative, social, planning, organization, and presentation skills.  We use and hone our fundamental skills of math, science, reading and comprehension.  The kitchen is an excellent connection point for people to have great conversations, work together and learn while accomplishing a common goal. How exciting to know that learning to cook and working together in the kitchen contributes to the development of so many essential life skills necessary for independent living.  Our BIG cooking adventures encourage students to BInspired to Gain independence in the kitchen!

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