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Welcome, Friend!

Hello, I am thrilled you're here.  My name is Mary Aragon.  I am a fifty-something mom, ten-year veteran youth and family minister, entrepreneur, self-taught chef, caterer, former cooking school owner, recipe developer, eleven-year veteran home educator and artist. I have raised from cradle to adulthood two neurodiverse sons.  One on the autism spectrum with a variety of comorbidities'; and the other with ADHD.  I bring a well-rounded skillset to the table. 


I am filled with gratitude and joy to bring back my cooking school, Camp Cook, after a thirteen-year hiatus.  I love food, cooking, and teaching.  My current role is Culinary and Life Skills Coach.  I have compiled my years of diverse experience with children, youth and families, catering, cooking school experience, along with my personal journey of raising neurodiverse sons, to bring unique culinary life skills classes to Cypress, TX.  I am delighted to once again serve this wonderful community where I grew up and my family still resides.  LEARN CAMP COOK'S HISTORY HERE

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Our curriculum is mindfully and purposefully designed for learning in a home environment. 

Students learn culinary and organizational life skills essential for navigating the kitchen and living independently. 


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Our BIG cooking adventures encourage students to
 BInspired to Gain independence in the kitchen!

Check out our About Page to learn more details about who we are. 

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